Why Masks Are Spiritually Wrong

Updated: May 4

There is plenty of debate and content out there about how masks are ineffective, how we’ve received mixed messages about whether to wear them or not, or how it’s the responsibility of the breather-IN to wear a mask to protect oneself from illness, not the breather-OUT.

This post is not going to address any of this.

There are many beliefs that, when we hear them, just feel wrong, such as allowing a man to use a woman’s restroom or calling a woman “he.” We don’t know why they feel wrong; they just do.

But because we live in a world of rationality, whose only basis is the physical world and where emotions are sloughed off as illogical, irrelevant, even shameful, we can’t say, “I don’t want to call her a ‘he’ because it just feels wrong.” We have to come up with all kinds of logical, rational, or scientific arguments to support our position.

Our arguments are then met with opposing arguments that sound kind of good, kind of reasonable, even noble. But this is only because every erroneous belief has at least a grain of truth in it. If it didn’t, no one would believe it at the outset.

Evil beliefs are often not wholly untrue; they are partially untrue.

And off we go, back and forth, tit for tat ….

The reason that wearing masks is wrong has nothing to do with their efficacy or with who can transmit what and to whom. It is wrong because it feels wrong.

It feels wrong because masks promote separateness, one of the three principles of evil. Separateness is evil’s main goal (Pierrakos, Surrender to God Within).

We feel this. We feel this separateness every time we pass a masked person in the store. It feels icky. We can’t see the person’s full face. We are afraid to smile at them or say “hi.” We are afraid to try to make a connection. That is because the mask has separated us from them.

Separateness leads to a feeling of isolation and of competition. Other people now become a threat to us, not just physically but emotionally. Now we don’t even try to make eye contact with the masked person because if we do, she may not look back at us. She may judge us. She may reject us and that will hurt. Now apply this suffering to every person, every time we go out and every time we’re about to go out.

What if separation saves lives?

Once again, we currently live in a world where the physical matters 100% and the spiritual/emotional matters 0%. This is backwards. This lie is actually 180-degrees wrong.

It is only the spiritual that matters.

Why? The spiritual and physical are lock-step. All spiritual/emotional events and changes manifest in the physical world. All physical world events and changes are the result of something that has happened in the spiritual/emotional world. The spiritual world leads.

Which means that we can trace all physical suffering back to emotional suffering. And Jordan Peterson is right; suffering is the only thing that is undeniably real.

When you add up the loneliness, the isolation, the fear, the lack of belonging, the lack of connection, the anger, as well as the implicit approval of tyranny which will lead to much greater suffering in the future, the problem with wearing masks becomes much more clear.

Nobody wants to die. Fearing death is suffering. Nobody wants their loved ones to die. Mourning death is suffering. But widespread and pervasive separateness is also suffering! We should not value some types of suffering at 100% and other types at 0%.

There is much more to living than avoiding death.
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