Why Are Men Today Spiritual Wusses?

I was listening to Tucker Carlson talking to Glenn Beck on Beck’s podcast episode 114. Tucker noted that all of the people who have been standing up for liberty, individuality, and truth are women, not men.

Why is that?

The two men agreed that it was a problem, it was worth studying, and then metaphorically scratched their heads as to the cause. Tucker speculated that it might be our food and then the conversation veered off in another direction.

It’s not our food. This is not a physiological problem. Our current society is so focused on the physical world that we try to explain everything physiologically or physically. Our problems are never physical; they are always spiritual. And this one is no different.

As Jordan Peterson says, the evil queen is now in charge. Not literally. Spiritually. You’ve seen the evil queen in archetypal movies, whispering advice and warnings into the king’s ear. She can greatly influence who in his court is rewarded and who is punished, which changes the direction of the entire kingdom.

Feminine creative energy (the evil queen) has been redirected away from Truth and toward fear. The evil queen is power hungry. Her absolute conviction that she is right and others are wrong means that she is no longer content to advise; she has commandeered the masculine creative energy of physically manifesting her “truth” into control as well.

This control and seizure of masculine energy has rendered our men powerless.

Powerlessness = Anger.

The two are one and the same. When we are treated like we do not exist, like we do not have preferences or needs, like we have no importance in the universe, we feel powerless and angry. It is justified anger.

This anger arises for a reason. Our negative emotions are God’s energy, distorted (Pierrakos, Surrender to God Within). Anger is meant to give us our power back. It is designed to give us the power that we need to set a boundary against evil. An extreme amount of anger will even overcome fear, but this level of emotion can be destructive if unleashed irresponsibly.

It is much better to fully express our anger safely and alone. The expression of negative emotion transforms the distorted energy into Truth. It gives us spiritual insight. When I feel anger welling up inside me, I delay its expression until I can get into my storage building. Then I pick up a swimming pool noodle and hit whatever I want to, yelling and cursing the entire time. At the end of the discharge, I realize exactly why I was angry. I get insight into what is being done to me and why.

This insight into the Truth of what is really going on gives us real power. Not power over another, just power: certainty of what is true combined with Love.

It is knowing Truth that gives us the power to stand up, to stand our ground, to set a boundary, to call out evil when we see it. It is knowing who we are and who others are that enables us to challenge deceptions in a non self-righteous way.

Women, who are generally allowed to express emotion without risking the acceptance of others, can get to Truth easier.

But the evil queen has deemed anger in men as unacceptable, evil, and shameful.

This is a lie.

Fully expressing justified anger responsibly is healthy, necessary, and transformative. Safely discharging their anger - until it is completely spent - about what is being done to them will give men the Truth that they need to feel real power.

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