What Does God Want From Us?

God wants to bring all of his Creations home. In order to do this, he must persuade us to choose Him. He cannot force us; that would violate our free will and make us his slaves rather than his children.

To persuade us, God wants us to see his glory in the world. His glory is his mercy, acceptance, goodness, kindness, generosity, power, grace, and love. Only He knows what each of us should be doing that will be the most effective way of persuading others to come home to Him.

He wants us to come home. This involves:

  • Killing our false self (learning who we are)

  • Gaining an understanding of Truth (learning who others are)

  • Killing our self will (learning who God is)

When we have fully surrender to Him, we are operating out of His will and not ours. When we are in God's will, he will use us to help fulfill His Great Plan of Salvation to bring others home.

Fortunately, when God uses us, what comes with His will is peace, power, and joy: the positive emotions of Love. (These emotions are the opposite of what we experience when we are fulfilling the will of Lucifer: sadness, anger, and fear.) It is truly a win-win!

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