I've Got Needs, Man, Needs!

When God created us, he hard-wired us to have needs:

  1. The need to be totally loved and accepted: We want love and acceptance from our parents; and if we don’t get it (most of us don’t!), we spend our whole lives looking for it from others, particularly from our partners.

  2. The need to be praised by the praiseworthy: We constantly need the ego boosts of the world: money, respect, fame, prestige, admiration, awards. The problem is, these boosts are fickle; they don’t last very long and can quickly turn to rejection.

  3. The need to be dependent: We wish we could just let somebody else take care of our troubles, our future, our conflicts, so we can go play.

  4. The need for justice: We want the world to be a just place. If it is not, we feel deeply offended and fired up.

  5. The need for peace: We want peace but we think of it as security. We’ll do just about anything to feel secure about our future.

  6. The need for passion: We need to fully express who we are, to fully engage in activities that make time stand still.

  7. The need for joy: We constantly chase happiness and contentment, but they are always fleeting.

  8. The need for purpose: We need a purpose and that purpose needs to be eternal. No matter how much we search, nothing on this earth will last forever. Not even the Egyptian pyramids will endure forever.

Spiritual needs and emotional needs are one and the same. These are actually spiritual needs but we think that they are emotional ones. The trouble comes when we try to get these spiritual needs met by people or earthly means.

God wants us to stop roaming the earth, trying under our own power to get all of these needs met. When he created us, we were in perfect relationship with him. Then we fell away into earthly desires. He wants us to come back. He wants us to choose him. He wants to be in relationship with us so that he can fulfill these needs.

It is normal to want these needs to be fulfilled. We just keep looking to the wrong place to get them.

What are you aiming at? Is your aim security? Love? Admiration? Respect? Freedom? What is it that everything in your life has pointed to?

Have you achieved it yet? If so, is it permanent? Are you afraid that it could be taken away? If not, you must feel awfully frustrated. You must have experienced quite a bit of suffering.

What if your aim became something completely outside of yourself? What if your aim was to please God? Do you think that he would meet all of these needs if you were completely in his service? This is what Jesus means when he says, “Do you believe in me?”

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