A World Gone Mad: How Do I Deal With My Fear?

The three negative emotions are fear, sadness, and anger. Together, I call these “suffering.” I always think that, whichever one I am currently feeling, it is the worst of the three! If you are like me, because of the state of the world and where your gut is telling you it is headed, you are currently swimming in fear.

What do we do with all of this fear??

Our rational, human, instinctive response is to survive. So we buy food, we plant vegetables, we raise chickens, we stockpile guns and ammunition, we install a fence, and we collect precious metals. These are all reasonable responses to the magnitude of anxiety that has been free-floating for more than two years now.

But let me guess: you are still afraid. I am, too.

You can’t buy enough food, you can’t plant enough vegetables, you need more ammo, more silver, more security, more, more more …. Right??

You know, in your heart, that it will never be enough. No amount of physical preparing will get rid of the emotional suffering: the fear. And sometimes, the physical response elicits more fear: “Now, how am I going to protect all of my stockpiles?”

Ultimately, you don’t have a physical problem. You have an emotional/spiritual problem. Fear is suffering. You don’t have to literally run out of food to be suffering. You are already suffering right now. I will briefly discuss three spiritual skills that can help ease this suffering enormously.

First, name what you fear. This skill is called self-awareness. Use a journal, a notepad, or just talk to a trusted friend, someone who reliably shows you compassion, and name what exactly it is that you fear. You will probably come up with several fear. For example, I am afraid of physically suffering in the future: of feeling hot, of feeling cold, of feeling tired, sleepy, or hungry. I am afraid of being controlled, of being forced by threat of punishment to do something that I don’t believe in. I am afraid of being shut down, of being blocked from creating, from expressing myself, from connecting with others.

Second, for each fear that you named, allow yourself to fully feel it. Sit down alone and think about what you are afraid of. Imagine the exact scenario that you fear. Pretend that it actually and definitely will happen. Allow your heartbeat to accelerate, your breathing to quicken, even your body to shake. Let the fear discharge fully throughout your body. It could take several minutes to be fully felt.

Third, ask the Divine for help. Your Creator loves you. He wants to ease your suffering. He wants you to acknowledge that there is something, someone, in the universe who is greater than you, more powerful than you, and who can heal you. If you can trust that your Creator knows better than you do, that He can change your beliefs and circumstances, and will do so in your best interest, you are golden! Ask Him to reveal to you that which you cannot see. Every fear is the result of a lie that we believe. Ask Him to give you insight into the Truth that will dispel that lie. You cannot change what you believe, but He can!

I have not mastered all of my fears. With these skills, I have gotten to the point where I have stopped stockpiling. I have accepted that no amount of stored goods will last as long as the disruptions that are coming. I have accepted that my entire lifestyle will have to change. I am learning to accept that physical suffering will be a part of that new lifestyle. I am getting used to the idea that I will be punished for not obeying or for creating that which I am called to create, possibly to the point of death. I am beginning to trust in my own abilities to solve problems, to mine my intuition for creative ideas, and to be nimble when addressing “the next big thing.” I now to trust my ability to see the future and to discern which people it would be wise to ally with and which people it would be unwise to ally with. These are all concrete benefits of my using these spiritual skills.

There are other spiritual skills that can help, including grief, resting in Christ’s love, and connecting emotionally with others. I talk about all of the skills on my Z-Axis Life website and podcast.

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